[svlug] Distro kernels

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Thu Mar 3 06:51:27 PST 2005

On Mar 2, 2005, at 23:05, Scott Hess wrote:

> Of course, Fedora wants to default you to a single giant / filesystem,
> which nicely solves that problem.  That also solves the problem of
> things like yum deciding to cache a couple hundred meg of packages you
> already installed in /var.  And default /usr for Fedora is somewhere
> north of 3Gig.  I've not _quite_ decided to give up partitioning,
> because I like the notion that I can move these things around, but,
> well, I suspect that the day will soon come where I drop /var and /usr
> as separate partitions.  Maybe a 5Gig /, 50M /boot, and X00Gig
> /home...

Another way to approach this is LVM, which lets you resize (and move) 
partitions easily.  Many of these operations can even be done live 
(with the filesystem still mounted and being used).

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