[svlug] [svlug-announce] SVLUG Aug 3rd meeting: Christian Hammond, "Galago, desktop notifications, IM"; plus, "screen"

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Sun Jul 31 16:02:16 PDT 2005

The Silicon Valley Linux Users Group (SVLUG) meets this week in Mountain View:


  Wednesday, August 3, 2005
  7pm-9pm or so.


    Galago, desktop notifications, IM

    Christian Hammond,
    GNUpdate Project and Gaim 

    Galago [ http://www.galago.info/about.php ] is a desktop presence
    framework, designed to transmit presence information between
    programs.  To put it in simpler terms, it takes information on who is
    online and their away/idle states from an instant messenger (such as
    gaim) or other similar programs and lets other programs (such as
    Ximian's Evolution) to make use of it.

    The advantage of such a framework is that it brings your programs
    closer together.  When you receive an e-mail from a friend who is in
    your buddy list, you'll be able to immediately tell their online
    status, for example.

    Galago is desktop-neutral, and will in time provide easy to use
    widgets for Gtk+ and Qt applications.  Currently, Gtk+ widgets are
    available in our Subversion repository under the module name
    libgalago-gtk.  Qt widgets will be available in time.


  This month's "Nifty" topic will be "screen":

    Screen is a full-screen window manager that multiplexes a
    physical terminal between several processes (typically
    interactive shells).  Each virtual terminal provides the
    functions of a DEC VT100 terminal and, in addition, several
    other standard control functions.

    There is a scroll-back history buffer for each virtual terminal
    and a copy-and-paste mechanism that allows moving text regions
    between windows.


  Veritas Software Corp.
  VCAFE Facility
  350 Ellis Street  (near E. Middlefield Road)
  Mountain View, CA 94043

  Directions on how to get there are listed at:


  We've tried our very best for these directions to be accurate.
  If you have any improvements to make, please let SVLUG's volunteers know!
  webmaster {at} svlug -dot- org


  If you just can't get enough, a smaller group usually goes to a local
  restaurant/diner after the meeting.  We'll announce the restaurant
  selection at the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Bill Kendrick
Speaker Coordinator
Silicon Valley Linux Users Group

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