[svlug] Speaking of virgin disks...

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Jul 30 22:31:56 PDT 2005

Quoting Karsten Self (kmself at ix.netcom.com):

> On a related note, having just done a SATA install, I'm finding that
> neither smartmontools nor hdparm do much for SATA disks.  Confirmed?

No.  Whether your block-device driver will pass along the data required
to support SMART depends on your driver and its version.  Very likely,
however, it will be possible only with really, really current versions
of the libata driver set -- and you might need to retrieve Jeff Garzik's
libata-dev1 patches (or later) from the GIT repository
(http://www.kernel.org/git/), at that.

> The hdparm bit I can understand -- SATA presents itself as SCSI, and
> presumably has some SCSI symantics, as well as automatically enabling
> DMA (the biggest hdparm performance improvment generally).  I'm not sure
> why SMART doesn't work, am somewhat disappointed....

My understanding is that the driver must include code to convert the
SATA FIS (Frame Information Structures) data structures to ATA taskfile
information, to provide sufficient relevant data to support SMART

If you want the support code to get coded sooner and more solidly, send
Garzik care packages of chocolate-covered espresso beans.  Meanwhile:

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