[svlug] svlug] Detecting 'virgin' disks ?

Steve steve at itsage.com
Tue Jul 26 16:20:14 PDT 2005

R P Herrold wrote:

> Rather than a hard to satisfy and potentially irrelavant condition 
> (all zeros), checking for the _absence_ of the 'magic number' placed 
> by fdisk and friends, [this varies, depending on the target OS and 
> arch], seems a better idea.
> -- Russ Herrold
Ahh - finally found the 'signature' for an MBR.  It appears that offsets 
510 and 511 of the MBR should contain "55 AA" hex.
This signature covers at least DOS -> winxp, and my linux formatted 
drives. (It appears to be x86 specific and I don't think it works with 
the new Intel specs (EFI?) but I don't have to worry about those...)

Thanks to everyone for the help!


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