[svlug] Is there a 'widget' Konfabulator emulator for X-windows?

Daevid Vincent daevid at daevid.com
Mon Jul 25 11:30:42 PDT 2005

Yeah that was weird huh. It WAS just some bizarre coincidence. I stumbled
upon www.osx-e.com when a friend was getting his
Composite/transparency/shadows working in KDE. Got to talking about the Mac
OS-X GUI and how sexy it was.. Blah blah blah. Then I noticed "fly-a-kite"
installer for XP, so ran that (I dual boot XP/Gentoo on my notebook), and
that lead me down the konfabulator path. And I've been playing with
'widgets' for like 6 hours now. :) Then by the time I was going to bed, my
trillian flashed up the story from slashdot. Wow! Believe me, I freaked out
a little bit too. HHAHAHHH.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bill Kendrick
> I wonder, did you mention Konfabulator because it's in thew news? :)
> Or is this just a bizarre coincidence?  I just opened my Akregator and
> saw the latest article on Slashdot:
>   Yahoo Purchases Konfabulator
>   http://apple.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/25/0530230
> And it looks like they'll be getting rid of the $20 pricetag.

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