[svlug] Is there a 'widget' Konfabulator emulator for X-windows?

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon Jul 25 00:19:19 PDT 2005

On Sun, Jul 24, 2005 at 10:22:20PM -0700, Daevid Vincent wrote:
> I found something called SuperKaramba (http://www.superkaramba.com/) but
> their site is lame and doesn't give much detail or FAQ or anything?! I don't
> think they are compatible in any event.

SuperKaramba for KDE is what I use, although only for a nice weather
forecast (LiquidWeather++) on my desktop.  I've never seen/used Konfabulator,
so I have no idea about compatibility (though I doubt it).  I believe
Karamba themes are generally written in Python.

You can find more about SuperKaramba here:

  SuperKaramba home:

  SuperKaramba Theme Archive:

  Themes for Karamba, listed at KDE-Look:

FYI, in the future, KDE's panel (kicker), panel applets, and SuperKarambas
are going to be combined into a new technology called Plasma.


> And there is also gDesklets. http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org/index.php
> Again both I'm sure are nice, but it seems that Linux folks are always
> re-inventing the wheel.

It looks like gDesklets and SuperKaramba were both around in 2003
(though I'm not 100% sure how early either were first released -- it looks
like SuperKaramba and Karamba were around the earliest), and from what I can
tell, Konfabulator wasn't released until around then, either (some time
in 2002, at the earliest).

So, 3 wheels were invented at the same time. :^)

> Why not make the application run these (now standard) widgets. The
> same ones that Mac and Windows people are using, then "widget
> developers" don't have to worry about the OS it's made for. *sigh*

Have you asked the Konfabulator folks?

Out of curiosity, I just searched their forums briefly for "Linux",
and it seems like they're not interested in supporting it (at the
moment at least), since the Linux desktop market is "tiny" (I thought
it was higher than Mac OS X now?  maybe that changed since the Mini
came out?), and because apparently us Linux folks don't like paying
for software.  (Hard to pay for it if it doesn't exist, huh? :^) )

So, maybe they've already made their mind up.

I'm curious, though, why did Apple reinvent the wheel with Dashboard?
(It's more-or-less like Konfabulator, from what I tell, and was announced
_after_ both Konfabulator (for Mac) and SuperKaramba (for KDE) were out.)

And personally, I'd probably never spend $20 on something that throws
widgets on my desktop.  The _only_ reason I use SuperKaramba is because
there is no better weather forecast program for Linux (that I've found)
than LiquidWeather++.  *shrug*

Sorry if I'm rambling... too many browser windows open ;^)

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