[svlug] iBuild LiveCD generator

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon Jul 18 12:30:10 PDT 2005

Wow, I just saw this on the debian-edu list:


    "Intellibuild (iBuild) is a program that allows you to quickly and
    easily create your own custom GNU/Linux LiveCD Distribution (like
    Knoppix and Morphix). A LiveCD allows you to run linux from the CD-ROM
    without having to install it on the computer's hard drive.

    "... You simply open up a template, select which programs you want to be
    included, click on the "Build" button and wait. When iBuild is done,
    your custom .iso awaits you. All you have to do is burn and go. ...

    "Q: Does iBuild have program xyz?
    A: Yes and (maybe) Not Yet. Because iBuild builds your LiveCD using
    Debian, you have access to over 15,000 packages/programs that are
    present in the Debian distribution."

I need to play with this tonight. :^)

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