[svlug] (k)ubuntu and root login

Brian Bilbrey bilbrey at orbdesigns.com
Sat Jul 16 14:22:28 PDT 2005

To answer Karsten's bonus question,

The root login is prohibited by configuration in kdm (in kubuntu, 
/etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc) only. So no graphical login as root, in common with 
many other distributions. Root login on VC[1-6] is fine. Root login via 
ssh is enabled by default, if openssh-server package is installed (which 
it isn't in a stock kubuntu, but was one of my first additions). 
Runlevel 1 (single user) login is accomplished with /sbin/sulogin, 
common usage for the purpose, specified by /etc/inittab.

I presume (without even looking, dangerous, I know) that gdm has a 
correlated configuration item preventing graphical root login (and 
probably xdm does too, these days).

To answer your specific bonus question, my answer is: "These aren't the 
droids you're looking for."


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