[svlug] a way to remove executables from the /tmp directory

Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jul 15 18:05:49 PDT 2005

on Fri, Jul 15, 2005 at 06:50:25PM -0500, Jerry M. Howell II (jmhowell at jmhowell.com) wrote:
> Hello all,
>       I ran into a problem not all that long ago where someone uploaded
> executable files into our /tmp directory. I have it setup not to run
> executables and no suid and /tmp is on it's own partition. What I still
> need to do is create a script that will locate executables, e-mail me
> to inform me of them then deleate the executable, or at least move them
> somewere where I can check them out. No one on our server needs the /tmp
> directory for executables. The only ones that have tried to use it so far
> are atempted crackers, DDoS'ers, etc. I'd like to see some scripts you all
> might have out there that might be used for this purpose or similar.

    man find:

       -perm mode
              File's permission bits are exactly  mode  (octal  or  symbolic).
              Symbolic modes use mode 0 as a point of departure.

       -perm -mode
              All of the permission bits mode are set for the file.

       -perm +mode
              Any of the permission bits mode are set for the file.


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