[svlug] New question.. not really :)

stripes stripes at tigerlair.com
Fri Jul 15 10:45:26 PDT 2005

*sigh*..  I hate asking this. I'm trying to find a new distro. Here
are my thoughts on the ones I don't like:

- Debian, love apt, but out of date even running unstable :(
- FC4, slower than crap, stuff that doesn't work does in other distros
- SuSe, clunky
- RH, expensive

So, here's what I'm leaning towards:
- Gentoo, but not sure about the constant compiling or upgrade path
- Utunbu, not sure how often this is updated
- Mandrake, seems like you have to pay for this now :(

Oh yeah, and this has to run on my laptop (IBM Thinkpad T41) :)

Thoughts? I'm not starting a flame war, seriously.

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