[svlug] SBAY Pizza Reminder - 7/16 at 7PM

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Jul 15 03:55:22 PDT 2005

This reminder goes to everyone on sbay.org's mail lists, and CC to our SIGs:
SVLUG, BAFUG and Stratofox.  [This message was approved by SVLUG officers for
the SVLUG discussion list.  Non-SVLUG event notices now require approval.]

The next SBAY Pizza technical/social discussion will be Saturday, July 16.
Remember, SBAY Pizzas are on 3rd Saturdays at 7PM - mark your calendar.
* Event page:    http://www.sbay.org/sbay-social.html
* iCal calendar: (temporarily out-of-date until I fix my Sunbird installation)
* Upcoming dates:
   * 3rd Quarter 2005
      * July 16 - Round Table Pizza on 3730 N First St (at Tasman) in
        North San Jose.  Directions: http://www.sbay.org/dir-sjn1taz-rt.html
        (We stayed in the same location as the second quarter.)
      * August 20 - same location, Round Table at 3730 N First, San Jose
      * September 17 - same location, Round Table at 3730 N First, San Jose

This location now has free WiFi (802.11B wireless Internet access) that
was installed after our April meeting.  It also has a big-screen TV that
we've confirmed we can easlily display laptop video/audio with a cheap
SVGA-to-SVideo adapter.  We'll bring one of those adapters.

Subjects for discussion: (besides informal talk that can cover any topic)
* Celebrating two of our long-time members who got their Ham Radio licenses:
  Heather Stern KG6ZYC and Jim Dennis KG6ZXF.  It looks like the FCC is
  almost running out of KG6 callsigns so they'll look like old timers soon
  when the FCC skips KH6 (a Hawaii allocation) and jumps to KI6.
* The Linux Picnic will be Sunday, August 14.  The SBAY Pizza meetings have
  traditionally been open if needed for coordination discussion for the
  picnic.  http://www.linuxpicnic.org/
* The SBAY Speakers Bureau needs to set up an online calendar system that
  each LUG can update and use on their own web sites.  Bring ideas for that
  if you have any.  We'll make it an Open Source software project.
* In May we started a new tradition of allowing a "10 slides or less"
  presentation on a technical topic.  This location has the big-screen TV
  which can display a laptop screen.  So you can present an Open Source
  project you're working on, a server administration technique, a Ham Radio
  expedition you were on, or something like that.  Just contact us ahead of
  time to make sure it's technical enough and the meeting isn't already full.
  The maximum will be 2, maybe 3 presentations.  (Note: this is not for
  product marketing presentations - for that see our rules on hosting an
  SBAY Pizza event at http://www.sbay.org/sbay-social.html#event-host )

SBAY.ORG's monthly pizza gatherings remain informal after 11 years.
Everyone usually buys their own food - but there have been a few times
that businesses or individuals picked up the tab.  If a business wants
to sponsor an SBAY Pizza in order to make a presentation, it requires
prior approval - we'll poll the membership to verify the topic is in
demand.  As always, it has to be a technical topic with us.

The format of the event is social discussion related to technical and
administrative aspects of of electronic communications systems with
emphasis on Open Source based systems.  There is no agenda.  We generally
talk until the restaurant closes, and sometimes continue outside.  Topics
* Internet server administrivia, protocols, security, and development
* Wireless networking including but not limited to 802.11
* Ham Radio repeaters, transmitter hunting, and data communications
  (Transmitter hunting topics can include rockets and high-altitude balloons)
* Usenet newsgroups and other electronic discussion forums
* IP and PSTN telephony
* Broadcast radio and television
* "SBC Blunder of the Month" (formerly "PacBell Blunder of the Month")
* Silicon Valley economic observations
* Silicon Valley local issues (and now including the Peninsula for BAFUG)
* more... bring up your own subject

Feel free to invite your friends if this format is of interest.

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