[svlug] Problems getting Palm Pilot to sync on FC4

Dan Martinez steeljack at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 23:17:32 PDT 2005

Anne wrote:

> I'm trying to get pilot-xfer to sync my Tungsten E. I have had NO luck
> at all getting this bloody device working :( and I was wondering if anyone
> has any suggestions..
> Even after googling, nothing has helped. :(
> I plug the device into the the USB port. Nothing shows up under /dev/ttyUSB*.

I haven't used the Tungsten E specifically, and I haven't used and
Palm devices with Linux at all, BUT: in my experience, USB-based Palm
devices don't actually become visible to the host until you tell the
device to initiate a sync.

So the first thing I'd try would be to initiate a HotSync by bringing
up the HotSync application on the Palm, and tapping the logo at its
center to fire off a sync. *Then* see if anything shows up in dmesg
and /or the system log.

If you've already tried that, my apologies. It wasn't clear from your message.

(And now that you've piqued my curiosity, I may well try plugging my
Tungsten T3 into one of my Linux boxen just to see what happens. If
so, I will keep you posted.)


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