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William R Ward bill at wards.net
Sun Jul 10 18:24:30 PDT 2005

Rick Moen writes:
>[2] If memory serves, SVLUG VP Bill Ward disapproves of people
>detailing netiquette matters on this mailing list, and (e.g.) on one past 
>occasion referred to my saying "Cross-posting is generally a bad idea,
>and often leads to problems" as being a "list cop" and/or as
>"criticising" a fellow poster, the latter of which by public decision of
>the two immediately prior SVLUG presidents is a misdeed punishable by
>sanctions including summary permanent banning without prior warning from
>all SVLUG mailing lists.  I'm inclined to take my chances in this case,
>but will gladly clarify immediately that, as also with my highly
>generalised statement some months ago about cross-posting some months
>ago, I intend absolutely no criticism of you or anyone else in
>describing the netiquette issue.

What we don't want is people starting a discussion of the merits of
various list policies, or people other than the list admins censuring
people who violate netiquette.  Simply answering someone's question
about list policy or netiquette is fine.

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