[svlug] yum extender

Bill Hubbard kwooda at netzero.net
Fri Jul 8 14:30:02 PDT 2005

Thanks for all the info - I hope you aren't spending a whole lot of 
your time digging up a wealth of details and information just to 
address my Linux newbie issues.  I certainly appreciate it(!) - and am 
adding the yum info to my notes.  I typically have problems in the 
"getting started" phase, but if given little kick-starts (pointers, 
tips, links), I'm pretty good at taking it from there...albeit perhaps 
a bit slowly these days.  Anyway, that's perhaps a long-winded way of 
saying thanks...but don't go [too far?] out of your way for me.  ;-)

Anyway, as for the yum extender issue:

At 11:56 AM 7/8/2005, Rick Moen wrote:

>If you SSH in from your Windows box to your Linux one (see
>http://linuxmafia.com/ssh/ for Windows SSH clients), then you can use
>command-line tools like yum in the remote-terminal window, and
>copy/paste directly into your Windows mail program.  (This of course
>assumes that your Windows and Linux box aren't the same machine,

What if I'm running a GUI app?  Can I set up X under Windows and 
cut-n-paste from there (assuming I want to exchange screen shots with 
someone)?  I know that's a pretty general question, so comments like, 
"yes, it can be done -- look here..." and "Google is your friend," are 
perfectly acceptable responses.  :-)  It's just that when I am in 
email, I can't resist asking.

Also, I think I mentioned that yum was working fine (I've played with 
it a bit).  So something is amiss with the Yum Extender GUI for some 
reason.  All it says on the status line (no matter what button I click) 
is, "Profile Std was selected."  I presume Std is short for "standard" 
- and that appears to be the only profile available.  And when I go to 
Edit | Repositories, I see only one entry listed.

But, now it's time to sit down and plow through my notes and reference 
info provided by you and others (thanks again!) to see if I can get 
this thing back up and running like it was.  Or, perhaps I'll get 
side-tracked again and go back to futzing with phpMyAdmin to figure out 
why _that's_ not working.  ;-)


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