[svlug] yum extender

Bill Hubbard kwooda at netzero.net
Fri Jul 8 09:32:07 PDT 2005

At 01:14 AM 7/8/2005, you wrote:
>Bill, please file away this suggestion, to consult in case, a couple of
>days from now, nobody's yet replied with any useful response.  It may be
>that I just don't have sufficient FC4 background to follow your problem
>description.  If that's the case, and someone else's reaction is "Oh, I
>know what he means and can answer his question", great.

I think that's pretty typical.  As with any question I post, I expect 
to hear from someone who knows what I am talking about.  In the 
meantime, I continue poking around in the background, trying to find 
out info on my own.  If I don't get a reply, I assume that either no 
one knows what I'm talking about, or I _really_ don't know what _I'm_ 
talking about, and the thread dies.

I posted about this Yum Extender issue, earlier, but assumed it got 
overlooked, since it was coupled with another topic in the same message 
that spawned a thread.  Something I have learned in the past (but still 
forget at times) is to post only one question per email.  That's why I 
am addressing YE by itself this time around.


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