[svlug] yum extender

Bill Hubbard kwooda at netzero.net
Fri Jul 8 09:21:43 PDT 2005

At 01:14 AM 7/8/2005, Rick Moen wrote:

>It's not immediately obvious what "a yum extender" is, and isn't
>apparent what program "it" refers to in "launched it".  Accordingly, it
>might be beneficial if you were to start over, and describe in detail,
>chronologically, what you do and what the computer does in response.
>I like to say that techies are from Missouri:  You need to show them.
>Cutting and pasting such stuff directly from the command line is often a
>really excellent idea.

I don't know what to tell you - I didn't set it up - but I believe it 
is simply "yum extender" not "a yum extender".  Are there others?  Not 
sure how I can cut and paste from one machine to another, since I do 
email from Windows.  As for yum extender, there's no command line 
involved - from the desktop, I right-click, choose system (I think), 
then Yum Extender (although I think you can type yumex to run it from 
the command line).  It opens a window with several buttons down the 
side - three of which say Update, Install and Remove.  Depending on 
which one you click on, normally it displays a list of related packages 
(to update, install or remove, respectively).  But all I see is a blank 
window in each case.  Does that help paint a picture?

P.S. Why does this mailing list default to reply to the individual 
rather than back to the list? 

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