[svlug] Book recommendation

Bill Hubbard kwooda at netzero.net
Wed Jul 6 19:28:38 PDT 2005


Can anyone recommend a book (or very good online resources) that is 
actually written by someone who knows wtf they're talking about (and 
how to teach it to someone who doesn't), that will take a Linux newbie 
step-by-step through the process of getting MySQL and PHP running via 
Apache?  I keep hearing how easy Linux is, yet nothing - and I mean 
nothing - so far has been easy.  Maybe in my younger days when I was 
eager to fill my head with a zillion commands and nothing but days on 
end of nothing else to do, but I don't want to be a system admin and I 
don't have time for it.  I just want to create databases and 
applications to interact with them.  There's too much information about 
Linux and far too little distilled introductory-level material in front 
of me.  UGH!


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