[svlug] cdrecord on 2.6.9

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Tue Jul 5 10:34:04 PDT 2005

On Mon, Jul 04, 2005 at 03:57:16PM -0600, Skip Evans wrote:
> By the way, someone mentioned he uses Konqueror for copying CDs, but I 
> was not able to figure out how to make it do that.
> Is that person around?

That may've been me.  The issues you had with cdrecord might impact you
(I didn't look at them closely, since that's all way beyond my expertise ;) ).

I forget precisely what components you need to have installed, but
it definitely is possible.  When I set up that Fry's box I bought and shoved
my CD/DVD burner into it (out of my old PC), I tested it by right-clicking
an MP3 that was on my desktop and choosing the "Burn as audio CD" option
(I'm paraphrasing, here).

Under Debian, I'd probably be able to 'aptitude search' or 'apt-cache search'
to find out what precise package it was.  It may have tagged along with
KDE's defacto burner software ("k3b"), or maybe it's its own thing.  I didn't
notice, sorry. :^(  Worst off, I'm stuck on WinXP at work right now, so I
can't easily check.  (I'm not sure Xandros packages would be exactly
the same, but probably close...)

Good luck!

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