[svlug] DNS/dhcp on subnet w/o router

Tony Hartzell hartzellt at charter.net
Mon Jul 4 17:48:00 PDT 2005

   I have a PC with 2 nic cards.one of them (eth0) is connected to a
router, and is configured via dhcp. The other (eth1) is gigabit card
connected to a gigabit switch, and is assigned a static Class B
non-broadcast address (  It is a dhcp & DNS server . I can
dhcp configure nodes connected to this switch, and resolv.conf gets the
proper nameservers, but I can't access DNS from the dhcp clients.
-   For some reason, I'm getting a route on the
clients.deleteing the route seems to have no effect.
-   A 'dig any plug.hartzellt.net'  or 'dig any @
plug.hartzellt.net'  gives 'connection timed out; no servers could be
reached' on dhcp clients, but it works fine on the server.
-   telnet in either direction gives 'Escape character is ^]' but no
login prompt.
   I previously put the same setup (using a Linksys router for dhcp
service) and everything worked fine, so I suspect my problem might be
that my gigabit subnet has no router.
   If so, is there a way to make my server PC route subnet 176.0.0?
   Any other ideas?
                                                Tony Hartzell
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