[svlug] Fwd: 4th of July fireworks plans?

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Sun Jul 3 20:40:34 PDT 2005

If you're near enough to San Jose to join in on this, let me know.
Otherwise, enjoy your 4th of July celebration wherever you are!

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Does anyone want to join me for viewing the downtown San Jose fireworks
tomorrow night?

My current thought is to hop on the light rail to downtown.  Unless others
want to arrange another place to meet (possibly for dinner), I'll walk to
the Hostetter station near my house.

I'll bring a backpack with my own snacks, drinks and camera, as well as
a folding chair and a tripod for the camera.  If you're coming, you may
want to consider some variation on that.  I have some spare folding chairs
if anyone else needs them.

I've found that the light rail is a good way to avoid downtown parking
problems.  And the rides are free on July 4.  But it has its share of
problems - expect trains to be crowded like "Tokyo crush load" on the
way home unless we decide as a group to wait a while before boarding.

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