[svlug] ICANN is deprecated

Ron Hinchley ron at biovalid.com
Sun Jul 3 00:36:41 PDT 2005

There is talk about the Internet splitting up after the US decision 
Friday not turn control of the top level computers to ICANN. How is the 
schism going to happen? Will each country make their own registry? Can't 
the Internet operate beneath these 13 servers that provide the master 
directory? There must also be a plan to force all traffic through a 
limited set of nodes and create a less decentralized name system, or can 
they have the control they think they need without doing this?  If they 
do not force centralized name services, couldn't someone operate a 
competing name service? They have the observation power without this 
step, can we assume that they need censorship for security?

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