[svlug] Fedora and ssh

Bill Hubbard kwooda at netzero.net
Fri Jul 1 16:08:13 PDT 2005


I suspect you are correct about the Samba passwords, but I'll look into it to understand it, eventually.  In the meantime, however, I simply created a new account and am able to do my ssh activities via that, now.

Thanks, everyone!

At 09:53 AM 7/1/2005, Rafael Skodlar wrote:

>My suspicion is that Samba password(s) are not the same as system
>passwords which is better for security. You either need to use different
>set of passwords for regular login or reset them to something new.
>I suggest you boot that system with Knoppix or Redhat CD in rescue mode.
>That will let you change the password for any user as well as root.

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