[svlug] HP's Quickplay - Where's the Source?

Serban Giuroiu gyzmobro at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 22:40:44 PST 2004

Someone I know recently got a hold of a new HP laptop
equipped with HP's Quickplay software. This is a
Linux-based media suite for playing music and DVD's
without having to boot into another operating system.
Curious, I wanted to have a look through the source
code for this product since at least one piece of
software (the Linux kernel) for certain comes from the
open-source community, and it is quite natural that
other open-source software would be included too.
After searching extensively for any pointers to the
source, I came out empty-handed. There was no sign of
it in the Quickplay manual, on HP's web site, Google,
or on the Quickplay recovery CD. I decided to try and
contact HP and kindly ask them about the source code.
On the "Contact HP" page at
http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/contact_us.html it
was hard to choose which category I should pick to
proceed. I finally decided to go to the notebook
support page for the specific laptop. To complete the
support request, there were a few fields on the page
asking for information such as the serial number of
the laptop. The owner of the machine wants nothing to
do with this and doesn't want information about his
laptop being included, so I feel stuck. What is a
person to do in this situation? Legally and
rightfully, the source code should be available as the
kernel is licensed under the GPL, but I haven't been
able to find it after a thorough search. Any ideas?

Serban Giuroiu

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