[svlug] access4free

mammacanguro mammacanguro at libero.it
Wed Dec 29 16:56:20 PST 2004

Is there someone around that uses access4free or access4less dialup 
provider with linux?
I have a box that used to connect fine to earthlink, but does not with 
access4free. i am using commandline only (wvdial)
Here is what it says. 
blah blah waiting for carrier blah blah 
We do not support Terminal Server, please use PPP 
Looks like a login prompt 
sending login blahblah 
password blahblah 
PPP: not enabled 
Hmmm.... a prompt... sending "ppp" 
PPP: not enabled 
It does this a few times than says:
Dont know what to do! starting pppd and hoping for the best. 
And needless to say the demon dies a few seconds later. 

Thanks a lot

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