[svlug] Re: Exchange server for Linux?

Matt Walsh mr_walsh at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 24 09:28:48 PST 2004

I'm an outlook user not by choice with my current employer.  I can't speak
about the server side at all, other than outages are pretty rare.  I can
tell you that until we went to Outlook 2003, Outlook sucked hard when not
on a nailed-up connection.  You wonder if they knew about multithreaded
programming as the UI would stop redrawing itself and hang if you got off
the VPN.  But with Outlook 2003, this has gone away, and I have to admit
it's a good tool, especially with Google Desktop to search it.

I think your server choice has a lot to do with your company.  Is it you
and a bunch of engineers?  Go Open Source!  Call center with novice part
timers?  Skip the re-training and have them use Outlook.

I don't think there's a cheap, no effort way out of this.  Either you bite
the bullet and pay the $$$ (s/w and personnel costs) for well-known
widespread Outlook, or you spend time and energy researching and dealing
with Open Source stuff - which is fun for some people when we have the

I suppose if you're big enough or can pretend you are/will be, you can
play MS and someone like SuSE off of each other by getting ahold of the
right sales guys and let THEM do your cost analysis and homework for you -
principally, you could get a Linux ISV to show you the ins and outs of
what you can do.

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