[svlug] advice on video capture/edit

Mike Castle dalgoda at ix.netcom.com
Fri Dec 24 00:18:27 PST 2004

I'm plowing through a bunch of docs now, but I thought I'd throw out a
request to get advice here as well.

I have a BUNCH of vcr tapes full of time shifted recordings (the fact that
some of them are being time shifted by 6 years is not important for this
discussion :-).  Full meaning usually 6-8 hours recorded on SLP.

I'd like to start the process of moving all of those tapes onto my computer
so maybe I'd actually get around to watching them.  Just to be challenging, I
want to try to do this with the hardware that I have, which means an older
bt848 based card with only video, some random sound card, currently in a
machine with a 450MHz Pentium III (I can move this to a dual 1000MHz or an
335 AMD-K6 if either would work better).  Oh yeah, and no X running on it.

Now, I would like to not just record one tape to file and stop there.  I'd
like to be able to quickly separate out however many shows are on one tape
and put each one into it's own file.  That is, I have a tape with an
episode each of Wile, Wild West, Xena, Profiler and X-Files, and would like
to have the final result to be 4 individual files.

What would be the best set of tools to do this?

I'm imagining something sort how tethereal can capture packets to a number
of consecutive files, which you can then later process in batches, doing
something like say concatenation.

Or initially saving as one big multi hour file and having video editting
software that I could use to quickly mark hour long segments and save them
off into another file.

I have no preference on file types, encodings, or what not.  Hell, I'm
happy with doing something like raw captures, splitting them up, then
encoding them on another machine.  Or some format that allows splitting an
encoded file without needing to reencode.

If you were doing something similar, what tools would you use?

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