[svlug] Exchange server for Linux?

James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.us
Wed Dec 22 19:32:27 PST 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-22 at 18:02, Craig Oda wrote:
> I ask this question a few times a year and am still looking for a
> suitable answer.  We're a small office running Windows XP clients with
> a central Linux file server.  The Linux server works great.  I
> recently hired a consultant to keep the file server and Windows XP
> server backed up using Retrospect on a Mac OS X box.
> I've been trying to set up shared calendaring for clients of Microsoft
> Outlook calendaring program.  I want to avoid putting a Windows server
> in the office with Exchange.  Cost is not a problem.  The problem is
> my lack of knowledge around Windows.
> I've seen products like kolab2 (http://kolab.org/), Bynari, and
> openexchange.  But I don't know how good they are as a shared calendar
> server.  I also don't quite understand how shared calendaring works.
> Does anyone have any actual experience running a small office shared
> calendaring system where the clients are on Windows and the server is
> Linux?  Since we are a small office, we don't have technical staff on
> hand.  We have to do the best we can with our limited knowledge.
> -- Craig

Unfortunately I don't use one right now.  However If any one of them is
getting effort above others it would possibly be Ximian/Novel/SuSE
Connector.  This is designed to be a "drop in" replacement for M$
Exchange.  It runs on every distro I've seen and thanks to Novel is
starting to get viable and accurate documentation.  It's GPL so you have
the ability to actually see what it is doing and make it do what you


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