[svlug] Suse was: Which linux distro for production ?

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Sun Dec 19 04:22:11 PST 2004

On Sat, 18 Dec 2004 21:02:32 -0800
Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting Ivan Sergio Borgonovo (mail at webthatworks.it):

> > SUSE doesn't seem to support anything other than patches.

> Yes, that's my impression, too.  My understanding is that they're
> oriented towards periodic releases and only minimal updating between
> releases because their core adherents are in European countries
> where most Internet bandwidth is metered by the minute.  

I think it is just marketing + their approach, not telephone bill.
They want to sell new packs and they want to give "enterprise"
support (or give the impression they do, maybe they do, never tried),
so they support just certain versions and as a "bonus" they make
available eg. newer version of KDE.
Anyway for "desktop" boxes assistance is limited to installation. I
may interpret it as: we will assist you if some of our
*official* packages won't work on a system that uses just our packages
and not tweaked. It would be nice if they would extend
installation support to the "semi-official" packages they provide
(KDE, GNOME, Samba, Apache and X...).
Infact it may happen those packages don't update smoothly and you've
to wait some revisions.

> To a first approximation, my assumption would be that, if you're a
> SUSE user, you intend to follow the SUSE way of doing things until
> you have compelling reasons to the contrary, and, in particular, you
> would be upgrading using SUSE's _own_ packages because, well, SUSE's
> what you decided to run.

SUSE non-enterprise boxes are easy to install, there are a bunch of
interesting development tools, namely gcc, that are kept quite up to
date at the time of release, they are among the first to release "non
official" new KDE packages.
It could be a comfortable development workstation.
I noticed that here people using SUSE most of the time are
freelance developers, developers working as employees may use RH, PC
users use MDK, sysadmin Debian and sometime Slack.

I'm a freelance developer with some boxes at home and sometimes
forced to be a sysadmin.

> Anyhow, I'm sure people will implement whatever best suits them.


> I think so.  As noted, that's not how *I* did it.  Having done my
> experiment using, instead, "Pin-Priority: 50" for all
> unstable-branch packages in /etc/apt/preferences, I got the system
> behaviour I wanted and stopped there.

That's being smart ;)

Anyway could you give me a list of packages you decided to install
from unstable? Just to have a rough idea about which packages you
thought were worth/safe to install from sid?

I just finished to burn newest sarge net install. I just have to save
the data stored on my guinea pig elsewhere.

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