[svlug] SBAY Pizza Reminder - Sat 12/18

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Dec 17 16:09:55 PST 2004

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CC to sbay.org SIGs: SVLUG, BAFUG and Stratofox.

The next SBAY Pizza technical/social discussion will be Saturday, Dec 18.
Remember, SBAY Pizzas are on 3rd Saturdays at 7PM - mark your calendar.
Directions and location can be found at

The directions (which are also on the www.sbay.org web site) are:
     * 4th Quarter 2004
          + December 18, 2004: Mountain Mike's Pizza at 431 Blossom Hill Rd in
            South San Jose. See more detailed directions at
          + January 15, 2005: location to be determined at December pizza
	  + February 19, 2005: same location as January
	  + March 19, 2005: same location as January

We don't officially have a reservation because Mountain Mike's said it
isn't needed - we can just move several tables together for our group.
Whoever gets there first should claim a few tables.

Subjects for discussion: (besides informal talk that can cover any topic)
* On Nov 26, Stratofox recovered the booster section from the CSXT space
  rocket in Northern Nevada.  It had been launched on May 17, the first
  successful amateur rocket launch to space.  But only the nose/avionics
  section was found initially.  The booster was recovered from a snow-covered
  mountain, and is now on its way to join the nose/avionics section at the
  Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.
* SVLUG and PenLUG held their first-annual holiday party on Dec 15.  It was
  a nice dinner and seems that another fun tradition has been started.
  We'll have pictures...
* The previously-mentioned Subversion repository is running on www.sbay.org
  and ready to host our software projects.  Anything which helps our SIGs
  or helps sbay.org promote forums for Open Source and electronic
  communications is ideal.  (Subversion is version control software
  intended to replace CVS - see http://subversion.tigris.org/ )

sbay.org has been joined by the following Special Interest Groups.  All SIG
participants are welcome.
* Silicon Valley Linux User Group     www.svlug.org  (largest LUG in the US)
* Bay Area FreeBSD User Group         www.bafug.org  (largest BSD UG in the US)
* Stratofox Aerospace Tracking Team   www.stratofox.org
* SBAY Wireless network (via sbay-announce)
(Other sbay.org projects may also become SIGs if/when volunteers step up
to be the SIG coordinators.)

Our monthly pizza gatherings remain informal after 11 years.  The format of
the event is social discussion related to technical and administrative
aspects of of electronic communications systems with emphasis on Open Source
based systems.  Topics include but are not limited to...
* Internet server administrivia, protocols, security, and development
* Wireless networking
* Ham Radio repeaters, transmitter hunting, and data communications
  (Transmitter hunting topics can include rockets and high-altitude balloons)
* Usenet newsgroups and other electronic discussion forums
* IP and PSTN telephony
* Broadcast radio and television
* "SBC Blunder of the Month" (formerly "PacBell Blunder of the Month")
* Silicon Valley economic observations
* Silicon Valley local issues (and now including the Peninsula for BAFUG)
* more... bring up your own subject

Feel free to invite your friends if this format is of interest.

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