[svlug] Debian 3.3 and AHA2940UW?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Dec 17 16:11:04 PST 2004

Quoting John Conover (conover at rahul.net):

> I'm installing Debian 3.3 on a SCSI system with an Adaptec AHA2940UW.

Hi, John.  I wasn't sure you ever got help with this.  My apologies if
this post is redundant or no longer needed.

My list of Debian branches[1] says:

buzz (release 1.1)
rex (1.2)
bo (1.3)
hamm (2.0)
slink (2.1)
potato (2.2)
woody (3.0) current "stable" branch
sarge (3.1) current "testing" branch
sid = "unstable" branch (always symlinked as such, never relinked)
skud = proposed name for "experimental" branch[2]

There are numerous installer image sets both for woody and for sarge.
Most of those installers have the ability at the second screen to select
alternate "boot flavours" such as ones for a 2.4 or 2.6 installation
kernel.  One of them, in particular, the Official Debian installer for
Debian 3.0 ("woody") defaults to a rather old, if extremely stable,
2.2.18 kernel with backported fixes -- if you fail to realise that you
probably want to pick the "bf2.4" boot flavour, instead.

In light of the above, I'm wondering which Debian release you're trying
to install, with what specific installer disk set, and using what boot

> When I boot to the Debian disk, it can't find the HD and asks for a
> floppy with the drivers.
> What do I do with that?

Speculation:  Maybe use boot flavour "bf2.4", in order to have a
more-modern selection of SCSI block-device drivers?

Meanwhile, I'm really, really curious about Debian 3.3.  ;->

[1] See "Tracks" on http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Debian/ .

[2] In "Toy Story", Sid was the neighbour kid who liked to destroy toys.
Skud was his dog, which liked to _chew_ on toys.

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