[svlug] Any OpenSRS Resellers Out There Who Would Renew My Domain For $$?

James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.us
Fri Dec 17 11:58:41 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 11:28, Mark S Bilk wrote:
> My domain, cosmicpenguin.com, is already registered with Tucows/OpenSRS,
> but I'd like to find a less expensive reseller than DomainNameRegistration.com, 
> which I'm with now, and which has a minimum of $70 and two years.  It needs 
> to be done quickly, as the registration expires on 12/29.  (Previously DNR 
> accepted $35 for one year, but changed their policy this year, which is why 
> I'm making this request so near to the expiration date.)
> The actual registrar in my whois record is Tucows, and the domain management
> page is manage.opensrs.net, so an actual transfer of registrars (with danger of
> loss of DNS or of the domain itself) should not be involved, just a change in 
> reseller.
>   Thanks,
>   Mark


   I've been using GoDaddy.com for about 3 years now.  So far not a
single blip.  When you call the help desk a human answers who knows how
to fix the problem, or if he/she doesn't then they know how to find the
answer quickly.  (They even helped me in the early days of .biz to
co-ordinate with the TLD controler on making it a nameserver.)  I've
never had a problem with them  They look like they aren't going away (3
years I know of now and going strong.) and the prices are always
competitive with everyone else.  They are even very good at helping you
get away from you old registrar without going nuts.


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