[svlug] Outbound email and MAPS and RBL and AOL and ugh!

Daevid Vincent daevid at daevid.com
Thu Dec 16 18:10:22 PST 2004

So as of late, and especially in light of a recent worm attack, I'm not
getting mail through to certain domains. I also am on a Dynamic IP from
comcast, so that whole /16 is DUL'd by MAPS. I can't mail to ANYONE on AOL
due to the same reason.

I appreciate the severity of the spam situation out there, but I think it
sucks that I can't get a static IP anymore for residential use. I run a
linux server that doesn't relay. And I know it's against the terms of my
agreement to run a server, so save me the diatribe please.

I used to have a sharp Zarus and since sourceforge in their infinite wisdom
decided to fsck everybody with a dynamic IP server like me (in some magical
reverse mail lookup thingy), I had to sell it b/c I could never post to the
list to get help! UGH!

Anyways, I think I found a solution to the problem:


Does anyone have any stories to share about these two services or any others
you might recommend?


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