[svlug] Domain Registrar Reliability and Switching Interruption

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Dec 16 15:20:52 PST 2004

Quoting Mark S Bilk (mark at cosmicpenguin.com):

> I registered my domain (cosmicpenguin.com) with 
> domainnameregistration.com four years ago....

Technically, no.  You registered with Tucows, Inc's, OpenSRS (Open
Shared Registry System).  domainnameregistration.com is the OpenSRS
reseller you signed with, and who accepted your money.

> Can I transfer my domain to another registrar without getting _any_
> interruption of my e-mail due to interruption of DNS or anything else?

You barely, barely have time to move your domain before its December 29,
2004 expiration date if you move your tochis, if you're lucky, if Tucows
OpenSRS (your current registrar) isn't being obstructive, and the Great
Old Ones don't rise from their sleep in R'lyeh.

Ordinarily, the right time to move your domain is, minimum, a couple of
months out.  That way, a slow or vindictive resistrar (or your own
procedural fumbles) can't shoot you in the foot.  Have you moved domains
between registrars before?  If so, two weeks might be enough.  If not,
you might be best advised to admit that you've screwed yourself by
waiting too long, pay the exhorbitant renewal, and -then- transfer to a
better registrar.  (Registrars commonly are willing to give you credit
for time remaining on your existing registration, when you transfer in.)

I personally like my own OpenSRS reseller, an acquaintance of mine.
$15/year, no technical or contractual bull____, and I know he will act
if there's a problem.  No telephone handholding, though, which was on
your requirements list.

There are lots of cheaper registrars than that.   Personally, I will
happily pay my $7/year premium over the bottom-priced options because of
my personal confidence in my guy.

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