[svlug] Which linux distro for production ?

Walt Reed svlug at linuxguy.com
Wed Dec 15 12:32:37 PST 2004

On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 12:09:14PM -0800, Rick Moen said:
> Quoting James Sparenberg (james at linuxrebel.us):
> > I too trust Debian But also like Slackware for stability.  If you need a
> > larger package base you might also try something like Whitebox Linux
> > it's RHEL3 with all of the propriatary RH stuff removed.  Managed by Yum
> > so that it's reasonable to maintain. 
> I maintain a taxonomy of RHEL rebuilds at "RHEL Forks" on
> http://linuxmafia.com/kb/RedHat/ .  The big drawback White Box is that
> it's maintained just by one guy.  CentOS doesn't have that problem,
> nor some of the others.

While I personally prefer and use debian, I have to chime in that CentOS
works very well for me at a customer location that desires a "redhat
compatible" OS for running things like Veritas, Oracle, etc. It's a nice
stable platform for applications that need to run for years. Another
advantage is that you can follow the RHEL documentation exactly which is
useful for setting up things like remote PXE installs (for the first
time) in a lights-out environment. Racks of blade servers go pretty
quickly that way...

I had originally tested out Whitebox, but found that it was seriously
behind on updates (due to the one-guy issue.)

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