[svlug] Sender Verification

Akbar S. Ahmed akbar501 at dslextreme.com
Tue Dec 7 12:47:53 PST 2004


I'm trying to figure out if a mail sent from my server 
(mail.anotherdomain.com) is being rejected  because sender verification 
is configured on the remote server (relay.domain.com).

My /var/log/maillog shows the following entry:

Dec  7 17:35:01 www postfix/smtp[3938]: C8B831E8106: 
to=<receiver at domain.com>, relay=relay.domain.com[], delay=1, 
status=bounced (host relay.domain.com[] said: 550 
<sender at domain.com>: Sender address rejected: Blocked (in reply to RCPT 
TO command))

Please not that the /var/log/maillog file exists on mail.anotherdomain.com.

Thanks for you help,

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