[svlug] Any stories concerning Gentoo?

Gerard R Lazo lazo at pw.usda.gov
Sun Nov 30 22:56:08 PST 2003

If you happen to read the UK Linux magazine LINUX FORMAT, the
November 2003 issue (LXF46) has Gentoo as part of the coverdiscs.
The magazine comes in two forms, one with a single DVD, or another
with two CDs. The DVD versions usually comes packed with additional

In the case of this edition, the DVD version comes with over 2000
packages and patches for Gentoo. I'm sort of intrigued with it's
distribution which is pretty much dependent on the original source
code. After resorting in the past to sources when RPMs don't quite
fit with system-specific dependencies, it might be time to start
building from sources again, and Gentoo seems to have a distribution
set up for compiling system-specific packages. Having one copy of
sources for all system flavors might be a convenient option when you
find yourself working under different system environments.

There's also a set up for Gentoo PPC, so this might be a popular
release for setting up Linux on a Mac.

I'm interested in trying this. For initial installation, it's best
to have a network connection (unless you're using the CD or DVD).
You may want to check your local bookstore to see if any of these
issues are left before the December issues start arriving.

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