[svlug] vsftpd now working

Gianni Mariani gianni at mariani.ws
Sun Nov 30 14:14:42 PST 2003

dfox wrote:

>Somebody scribbled about [svlug] vsftpd now working
>>in an xterm window and it will let you make changes. I found if I
>>clicked on FTP it would open that up. I did and it did. I also
>>opened up telnet...:-)
>Please don't run telnetd. Especially if you are connected to the net 
>on that machine. I got rootkitted that way (several years ago, 
>running redhat 5.x something). First thing I did and continue to do 
>is not even have any telnetd service running on this thing. 
>And if you have sshd working you can get into the Linux machine from 
>Windows by using putty - then there's no need to have both sshd and 
>telnetd running on the system. Then there's the issue about educating 
>potential users of your system, in that telnet is not secure and sshd 
I got rooted running sshd, does that mean we should not run sshd as well ?

telnet is not secure because the packets can be sniffed for passwords 
and other security critical information, that's why it's not a good idea 
to run telnet (or any other plain text protocols) with security critical 
info across open wires.

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