[svlug] C's Preference

David N. Welton davidw at dedasys.com
Sun Nov 30 13:16:36 PST 2003

Gianni Mariani <gianni at mariani.ws> writes:

> Needless to say, if you wanted to develop a C++ kernel today, you
> would have much better luck that if you tried it 10 years ago.

> It's theoretically not very hard, you could probably use many of the
> existing Linux drivers in a "compatability mode" and only the core
> chunks of the kernel would need messing with as a starting point.
> Anyone game ?

Have a look at eCos - http://ecos.sourceware.org

Open source, real-time, highly configurable embedded OS that uses a
subset of C++ for the kernel.  You'd have to read the mailing list for
a discussion of which features and why.

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