[svlug] Shucks on vsftpd

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Sun Nov 30 11:11:22 PST 2003

On Sun, 30 Nov 2003, dfox wrote:

> Somebody scribbled about [svlug] Shucks on vsftpd
> >	I am about to give up on ever getting anything working. I
> >thought it would be simple when I found in /etc/rd.d/inet.d/ the file
> Seems like you would start it as root via "service vsftp start" - the 
> complex bash file is pretty vanilla standard Redhat configuration, which 
> at first, seem fairly more complicated than they need to be :). 
> Mandrake's setups are pretty much the same too.
> So I would do that first - as root type "service vsftp start", then try to 
> use the Windows ftp program with the IP address of your Linux machine.

	Well with 2 tries I got vsftpd to load after a boot and it works 
fine when I call it with 'ftp localhost' from my linux, but I still 
can't get it to work from windows, so I think a firewall problem exists 
now. But will tackle that after lunch. I think there is some 
documentation on the Linux firewall. Will read that.


               - Karl Larsen k5di Las Cruces,NM Az ScQRPions -

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