[svlug] vsftp now almost ready

Robert Khachikyan rhxk at charter.net
Sun Nov 30 10:57:37 PST 2003

You need not reboot to get this thing to work....but you're
the root, so you decide :)

Reboot won't (or at least shouldn't) do any harm to you
with this perspective, of course.

In RH9, there are iptables installed by default. Make sure
to open up the port (21 TCP) in the firewall located at
/etc/sysconfig/iptables  & you can restart it in /etc/rc.d/init.d
dir....just backup the iptables rules before you touch them...

As Always,

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	I was told to use:

/etc/rc.d/ined.d/vsftpd start and it didn't work. Got an error that was 
no hel at all of course, this being a computer!  So then said well hell 
this is just a silly bash file. In the same /dir as the file you need to 
use ./vsftpd and sure enough it worked. I sure hope there are not many 
other problems after I reboot. Reminds me of windows, reboot 20 times to 
get a software to run.

               - Karl Larsen k5di Las Cruces,NM Az ScQRPions -

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