[svlug] C's Preference

Gianni Mariani gianni at mariani.ws
Sun Nov 30 02:28:54 PST 2003

Alex Bobby wrote:

> Dear Programmers,
> Any specific reason, why C is preferred to C++ OOP to code Linux.

Here are a couple of google links to a very long and OLD thread on this 




a) history - a good c++ was not available when linux started - gcc 3.3 
is probably good enough now
b) phobia - some kernel developers fear what C++ does
c) pool of programmers - fewer people know C++ as well as they know C
d) re-design effort - what's the use now - if it works, don't break it

Needless to say, if you wanted to develop a C++ kernel today, you would 
have much better luck that if you tried it 10 years ago.

It's theoretically not very hard, you could probably use many of the 
existing Linux drivers in a "compatability mode" and only the core 
chunks of the kernel would need messing with as a starting point.  
Anyone game ?


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