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dfox dfox at m206-157.dsl.tsoft.com
Fri Nov 28 15:29:57 PST 2003

Somebody scribbled about [svlug] ssh to win98
>This shows me that the system is working at least inside Linux.
>	The next step is to try and ssh to the win98 computer. I do that
>with this command on Linux and get:
>[karl at bucket karl]$ ssh
>ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
>[karl at bucket karl]$
>	This result makes me think that I need to set up windows to accept a
>ssh from the Linux. Does anyone know if version 98 will work with ssh?
> What besides the usual Internet setup is needed?

You'd need an addon ssh deamon for Windows. There have been some replies 
in the other thread on this subject, but as i recognize you want to be 
able to ssh to Windows from Linux, I'm not so sure as to why you'd want 
to. Is your interest mainly in file transfers or do you want a 
command.com shell of your Windows system on your Linux one? (i.e, remote 
admin or something similar). sshd's may be pricey - $249 for vshell, one 
of the choices shown from a google "sshd +windows" query. Cygwin seems to 
have one (free) but I've not tried it. I did get a Cygwin on my brother's 
windows box as working with Windows in native mode is not very 
friendly :).

As I pointed out in my recent messages on the other related subject, it 
would seem preferable to use scp (in putty, pscp) to transfer files from 
the Linux box to the windows one. (Or set up proftpd on the Linux side - 
and use ftp on the windows side -- that of course makes for insecure 
transfers, though.)

If you want to transfer both directions, or do automated transfers using 
rsync or some such (i.e., tar tvf . - | ssh otherhost tar -xvf -) I guess 
you'd need sshd's running on both systems. And that would be of course 
pointless as there's no tar in Windows ;). At least not without 
installing a third-party toolkit (i.e., Cygwin).

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