[svlug] ssh and windows

dfox dfox at m206-157.dsl.tsoft.com
Fri Nov 28 15:04:05 PST 2003

Karl Larsen writes:
>	No! My Red Hat 9 Linux is the *SERVER*. I want to use ssh on
>linux to connect to a win98 computer. Here is what I have.
>	Linux= from ifconfig
>	win98= from pings and things

That is better. I don't have a separate computer, but here is what I ended 
up doing in the interim for working from home at my Mom's house 
(brother's computers run Windows Me/XP).

First, get putty. Apparently the old version I still had did not feature 
needed ssh forwarding for X11. Putty is available at


For text shell usage, it has always worked well.

Second, you'll likely need an X server, unless you run VNC (try 
www.tightvnc.com, and get tightvnc and tightvnc-server. I have this now 
installed on my Mandrake cooker box but i have not tried it yet from my 
Mom's house. What I did yesterday (over there for Thanksgiving, natch) 
was to find an X server/client for Windows - I ended up with MI/X, which 
has a 15 day free trial. There may be better options, but some of them 
are pricey ones. MI/X is basically stripped down twm and xmag but not 
much else. Apparently WinaXe also has a evaluation copy available for 
download, but it's $90 for the basic version.

MI/X (microimages X ) is at www.microimages.com/freestuf/mix/

Two problems encountered while briefly trying out MI/X yesterday include 
1) lack of a lot of fonts and 2) 2 button mouse doesn't seem to want to 
emulate 3 buttons. On the X server pane itself, well, it seemed to work, 
as it brought up something other than left mouse click or rightmouse 
click, but it interfered with gtkatlantic as I couldn't sell houses :). 

Speed is probably not so hot, but I'm on a 384k-1500k up/128k down DSL 
link and my brother's also on a similar DSL hookup.

>	To connect to the win98 I have been using:
>		$ssh and it gives an error that the
>connection is refused by win98.

There probably isn't an ssh deamon on the Windows side. But since Windows
is more or less single user workstation, I'm not sure why you'd want or 
need a sshd there. Samba might be a better choice. Putty includes windows 
versions of scp, and I've used that to transfer files from linux to 
Windows fine. 

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