[svlug] Request for Servers

M Wendall mwendall at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 21 10:59:38 PST 2003

A friend of mine sent me this request from the Car Talk guys (KQED-FM, 88.5, Sat. 10-11 am). Can anyone help them? Margaret Wendall

The cartalk.cars.com
Special Server Retirement Edition
Killing Time, Unencumbered by the Work Process
Maury Maille, Editor

What's new at Car Talk Plaza?

We suddenly find ourselves in need of some servers for the web site.  Know 
anyone who can help us?

Specifically, we need a pile of Linux servers.

If you happen to be best friends with Michael Dell, Johnny Apple or Fred Gateway, 
or have noticed a few servers that fell off a truck in your neighborhood, let us know.  
We'll send Tommy right over with a dolly.

Or, better yet, if you have connections to a company that can provide us with 
"undented," fresh new servers, we'd love to hear from you.  As you know, the Car 
Talk web site operates on a tight budget.

In exchange for a donation of servers, we'd happily provide a "powered by" credit 
on our web site.  We'll also see to it that Tom and Ray personally make your 
morning cappuccino for all of 2004.

For the technical details on what we're looking for, drop us a note via


And thanks!

Got to go. Our server's transformer is bubbling PCBs again.  

Maury Maille
Chief Vacuum Tube Washer
Car Talk Plaza

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