[svlug] Red Hat and the ISVs?

Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Fri Nov 21 06:18:18 PST 2003

on Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 01:08:46PM -0800, John McDonnell (svlug_spam at johnmc.org) wrote:
> On the 10th day of November, M. Drew Streib said to me:
> > Not to start a religious war... but years of experience in a community 
> > built distribution, 
> This is all good for people starting afresh, but for those with Red Hat 
> experience and a truck load of Red Hat systems, it's not such a selling 
> point.


  1. Pay the piper.  Subscribe to the new RH licensing scheme.

  2. Migrate to the Fedora project.  Significant deltas from RHE.
     Rapidly evolving base.  New.  Untested.  RPM based.  No pledge of
     committments.  No reliability track record.  Small community.
     Discernable purpose: steer traffic toward RH enterprise products.

  3. Migrate to Debian.  Significant deltas from RHE, but if you'd been
     sticking to LSB compliance, you should be fine.  Major difference
     is package management system.  Legandarially stable base.  Pledge
     of committment (Debian Social Contract).  Ten year track record.
     Large community.  Explicit purpose:  provide a 100% free software
     distribution, giving back to the community, problems fully
     disclosed, with priorities of users and free software (the Debian
     Social Contract:  http://www.debian.org/social_contract)

> > excellent packaging standards for contributed material, and religiously
> > maintained security updates.
> Again, Joe Schmoe has several Red Hat systems and considerable experience 
> with RPM, why should he throw all that out and learn the intricacies of 
> Debian? 

Because after 1-2 weeks, you're racing ahead with Debian.  I've seen
this from people who were absolute die-hard RH (or SuSE or Mandrake)
fanatics.  Repeatedly.  Often involving much crawling-on-knees and other
embarassing grovelling antics.  Seriously.

> > A community-built distribution is more than the sum of a few
> > contributed packages.
> Agreed. Still, I'd give Fedora a chance before dismissing it
> wholesale.


But it's still Red Hat ;-)


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