[svlug] imap servers that support mbox

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Wed Nov 19 16:50:08 PST 2003

J C Lawrence wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 15:01:14 -0800 
> Erik Steffl <steffl at bigfoot.com> wrote:
>>cyrus works fairly well but it's pretty hard to configure
>>(authentification) and debug cofiguration (it has fairly good docs and
>>helpful mailing list).
> I'll partially argue with this.
> Cyrus authentication (SASL) is a pain if you try and fight it.  It
> really is a question of the system working its damnedest to Do The Right
> Thing, and the SysAdm fight (every single time I've seen it, which is a
> fair few) being a case of rabid insistence that SASL is not in fact
> doing what they want, when it is (a case of non-functioning violent
> agreement).  Happily using the Debian packages and some simple reading
> of the documentation combined with doing *EXACTLY* what they say will
> get you a working productive Cyrus/SASL implementation in single digit
> minutes almost every time.

   it was a freaking hell to configure, and I don't really care whether 
it was doing what it was supposed to do or not. The hell part was the 
non informatrive or missing error messages so I didn't know what's going 
on. I was just trying to set up various authenitification methods until 
I've found one that actually worked according to docs (and I also asked 
on cyrus mailing list).

   then debian package broke sasl lib or something (I don't remember but 
I had to change config again and it was again a hit and miss).

   and what about sieve - there's a tester (not included with debian, at 
least when I was setting up cyrus, so you'd have to download cyrus and 
compile it yourself) for your sieve script but it discards most of the 
messages from sieve library so to figure out what's wrong with sieve 
script you have to debug the test program.

   it might have gotten better over time... I didn't try to install it 

   anyway, I use cyrus anyway, when it works it works well and I like 
the overall design of independent programs and imap server being the 
_only_ interface to your mail messages.


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