[svlug] imap servers that support mbox

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Wed Nov 19 15:01:14 PST 2003

Rick Schultz wrote:
> Well, I've given up on uw-imapd.  (It appears its configurability is all
> compile-time, and it's not doing what I want.  If I'm going to go to
> that much trouble, I figure I might as well shop around.)  Of the other
> options I've heard good things about, none of them seem to support good
> ol' mbox.
> Now, most of the clients I use support imap, but I still like to be able
> to search through the local spool with `less $MAIL' when I have to, and
> I don't really want to muck with my MTA configuration (actually, I do,
> but that's another post entirely).
> Is anyone using any imap servers that they like which support mbox?

   well, not what you want but here it goesanyway: get rid of mbox 
requirement. if it's on your box you can still do text search one way or 
another (as far as I know, you can with cyrus which stores emails in 
individual files).

   when you are using imap server to manage to file repository where you 
mail is but deliver emails using independent system that works with 
files directly there is no way to avoid conflict (as far as I can tell), 
you can only hope that they will play nice together.

   IMO it's much better to do it the way cyrus does it - MTA uses lmtp 
to deliver email to cyrus. Cyrus is the only one who manages the 
repository (mail files).

   cyrus works fairly well but it's pretty hard to configure 
(authentification) and debug cofiguration (it has fairly good docs and 
helpful mailing list).


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