[svlug] Re: Installfest this Saturday

James Todd jwtodd at pacbell.net
Sat Nov 15 22:16:18 PST 2003

[apologies if this is a duplicate ... I had a bit of trouble with my
mail client earlier in the day]

Just wanted to say thx for hosting this event and helping me to resolve
a vexing xconfig issue. Brian ... you are the man. You folks !rock! I've
been fighting this problem late nights for a couple of weeks now and
having a pair of fresh eyes is just what the doctor ordered.

It was also nice meeting some of the faces behind the SVLUG list. I had
a nice time chatting about my principal hobby as of late, that being:




I enjoyed hearing about folks interest in [secure] remote device control
to which I can provide a JackNet demo, if there is interest:


T'was a pleasure.


- james

bchrisman at svlug.org wrote:
> Time to dust off your keyboard... :-)
> Installfest is coming up this Saturday, 11/15/2003
> 11AM - 4PM at Accent Technology
> 1880 Hartog Dr.
> San Jose, CA
> 95131
> Thanks again to Accent Technology for being
> such excellent hosts!
> Additional details at svlug.org.
> See you all there.
> -Brian
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