[svlug] New to the list, question about Red Hat 9 ftp & ssh

Skip Evans skip at ncseweb.org
Sat Nov 15 12:52:25 PST 2003

Hey all,

I just joined this list and am looking for an answer to a
problem that may be an eye roller for many experienced sys
admins, but one I'm having trouble figuring out.

If this list is for more experienced users, I'll understand
and take my newbiew questions elsewhere. I do have about 17
years of development under HP UX and Solaris, but am quite
new to any sys admin work. I've come to a small non-profit
and am wearing a lot of hats here.

I've installed two FreeBSD machines and an Astaro firewall 
here running web services I've developed and listservs, etc, 
the kind of stuff *nix excels at, but I've had to use 
Windows as my desktop, which has been painful, so I took the 
plunge and tossed it for Red Hat 9. so far things have gone 
swimmingly, with working on the BSD machines from Linux a 
much better setup.

However, a new guy has joined the organization and wants
very much to run Red Hat 9 as well, and other staffers are
gazing longingly at our Gnome desktops and noticing I never
have to reboot my machine. It may just lead to a revolution
in the organization if Red Hat proves workable for the other

Our problem is the Red Hat machines are unable to ssh and
ftp to each other, even though we have put our respetive IP
addresses in the hosts.allow files and I think we have the 
firewall settings okay, but obviously we are missing 
something. We get 'Connection refused' messages each time we 

We re-installed the OS on one machine for other reaons and 
this time thought perhaps we needed the vsftpd daemon 
running, so we did try to install that package as well; so 
far no luck.

Again, if I'm in the wrong place asking such questions, 
please let me know.

Skip Evans
Network Project Director
National Center for Science Education
420 40th St, Suite 2
Oakland, CA 94609
510-601-7203 Ext. 308

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