[svlug] TRAINING: Class on Email security

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Thu Nov 13 07:29:12 PST 2003

The Freedom Technology Center, a new IT training facility in
Mountain View, California, will open on Saturday, November
22nd with a free one-day class on email security, entitled
"Protecting email users from viruses, spam, and other threats."

Enrollment is strictly limited to 12 students.

The instructor, Jim Dennis, has conducted
Linux training for firms including Motorola, SGI, Cadence,
Wells Fargo, and DTT.  He is the co-author of Linux System
Administration (New Riders, 2000) and numerous magazine and
web articles.

"If you spend one day covering the latest software and
filtering approaches, you can really lock out the majority
of spam and virus threats," Dennis said.  "I cover what works
and what doesn't."

The class is intended for full or part-time system
administrators who are responsible for the function and security
of email for a small company or group.

Whether or not you use an Open Source mail server internally,
the filtering techniques covered can keep users safe from
email-based attacks, and it is possible to do so without
upgrading or reconfiguring the existing mail server or mail

The Freedom Technology Center is located in the heart of
downtown Mountain View, California, and is convenient to
Caltrain, VTA light rail, and US 101.

To enroll in a class or subscribe to the Freedom Technology
Center announcements mailing list, visit the web site at

Don Marti
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